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My 24 Hours of Fame

Yesterday evening I sat down in front of my laptop to check email and news. I was surprised to see that there were about 20 emails from this blog: comments, likes, and new subscriptions. On most days I see one or two emails like that. I went to the blog’s dashboard to look at traffic. It showed about 300 page views for the day, which easily topped my previous record of 134. What’s going on? Has someone hacked my site?  Read more

Welcome to Our Blog!

Thanks so much for visiting our blog!

Since you’re here, you already know that Kristin, Winston, Marcus and Nora will spend a year on a remote island in Norway. During this time, Kristin and I will blog regularly about our life there. If you’re interested, sign up on the right, and we’ll send you an email when a new blog is up.

The name of the island is Rødøy, which means “Red Island” in Norwegian. Read more