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Posts from the ‘Travel’ Category

The Sun Returns

Today, the sun returned for about 5 minutes after nearly a month of absence. It emerged between two mountains on mainland, basking everything with golden glow. Read more

Pinnekjøtt: The Best Norwegian Dish

The dish most commonly associated with Norway is lutefisk, which has become the symbol of Norwegian cuisine and made the term “Norwegian cuisine” an oxymoron. Even those who can’t name the capital of Norway know about lutefisk, probably through the popular American radio show “Prarie Home Companion.” Read more

10 Years Between Oslo

Kristin and I got married in Oslo 10 years ago. Since a decade doesn’t come around too often, we splurged and stayed at the same hotel we stayed at 10 years ago, Grand Hotel. Grand is very old, best known as the venue for the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, Obama stayed there as with other winners, and our room was a couple of doors down from the Nobel Suite. Read more

Heading to Civilization

Today we got up at 5:15 AM to catch a boat to Tonnes on mainland. It was a short trip on a fast boat, about half an hour. Then, we waited in a smelly hole in the wall for half an hour for our bus to Stokkvågen, another hole in the wall. We changed bus there and headed for Mo-i-Rana, the closest thing to civilization around us. Read more

Thanksgiving Inside a Norwegian Storm

Norwegians name their storms every year just like the storms in the southern Atlantic: using first names starting with one that begins with letter “A”. The last two days, storm Berit hit. Read more

Food Shopping

Sure, there is a lot of fish on Rødøy. Even if I can’t catch any myself, we can always buy fish from Steinar for cheap. But we can’t live on fish alone. Scurvy is a nasty disease. Your teeth fall out. Before we came to the island, we knew there was a general store, but we expected its selection to be very limited. We were especially worried about getting fresh fruits and vegetables. Read more

Christmas Fair

Today we went to the Rødøy Christmas Fair. The most striking thing about it is how similar it is to the Scandinavian Fair in Boston, or Chicago. Food is sold cafeteria style: traditional dishes, coffee, and cake. And tables of handicraft for sale, half of which are hand-knitted woolen stuff: gloves, hats, sweaters, etc. Between eating and shopping, people mingle and kids dart around. The finale is the raffle drawing. Read more

Psychedelic Morning Skies of Autumn

The days are rapidly getting shorter: everyday I notice the daylight lost. Now, the sun doesn’t rise above the mountains on mainland until almost 10 AM. It becomes pitch dark shortly after 4 PM.

The darkness and rain wear on you. But one bright spot is the morning sky. Read more

Downtown Rødøy

A friend of ours in New York City wanted to come and visit us next summer. Because she needed to use airline miles that were expiring, I spent some time a few days ago talking her through travel, logistics, and the environment here. I don’t remember in what context, but she at one point used the phrase “downtown Rødøy”, which was a good laugh. Read more

Scaling the Lion, Part 2

I confess. The last time I hiked up to Rødøyløva, the mountain peak on the island, I didn’t actually make it to the very, very top. I stopped about 30 feet from it. Why didn’t I do it, if I was so close? Because from where I stood, I saw that the very top is actually a protrusion of stone a few feet thick over 1,200 feet of air. Read more